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Our facility caters for risks that standard online markets are unable to accept due to height, depth, premises or geographical limits.  It may also be a trade that is difficult to 'pigeon hole' on a quote system or a trade that is not normally accepted.  The wording/exclusions of standard markets may also be too restrictive for the risk in question.


We rate risks with 10 manual workers or less on a per capita basis and we endevour to turn around quotations and documentation the same day or at worst the following day. 


Risks outside this are rated on a wages and turnover basis upon submission of a full presentation.


Haulage & Courier Liability



Taxi Liability & Taxi Office / Taxi Depot Liability



Excess of Loss


Excess of Loss liability from £150 minimum premium
Per capita Excess Liability - Designed for those risks where the primary layer is often smaller than the excess layer ( i.e. Builder with PL £5M = £150 premium - Excess £5M = £350 ! ?) Min premium of £150 with excess premium designed to reflect the risk 

Contractors All Risk

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Hathaway & Cope caters for risks that standard markets are unable to cater for


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